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  • This is the plate that will help your toddler learn how to use a ‘grown up’ plate, and it looks like a grown up plate too! The doddl plate has clever subtle design features to help your little how to use a plate without losing their food off the back and on the table. A subtle raised back (to help keep the food off the table), a grippy bottom (to stop it sliding around) AND a wider front (to keep the food right in front of your child). 

    Still wondering why should you choose the doddl plate for your toddler? Have a look at what our happy customers have to say:

    Our best plate by far! We’ve tried and tested every plate on the market, from plastic to bamboo - there’s not one we haven’t tried (or so it feels). We LOVE this plate by doddl. The none slip is second to none, as we have found the suction plates only encourage William to try and pull them from the tray/table (and he succeeds, every-time). The raised edge, yet low front, enables him to use his cutlery with ease, whilst also stopping the food from escaping him. It’s also easy to clean, therefore getting a big thumbs up from us too - it’s the only plate for us!
  • Product information

    Suitable for children 18+ months, the doddl plate helps young children transition from a bowl or suction tray to a 'grown up' plate - the next step in developing their mealtime skills!

    The gentle curve towards the back of the plate helps keep food on the plate with a lower front and sides that allows easy access for food with utensils.

    The wide flat front means the plate sits more infront of your child, making it easier for them to access their food with utensils.

    The non-slip base keeps the plate still and the colourful splat focuses the eye on to the centre of the plate.

    The doddl plate is Biodegradable, making it more environmentally friendly when it is no longer needed and is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    • Key Features
      • Suitable for 1 - 5+ years
      • Certified safe (to FDA standards)
      • Recommended by feeding and development experts
      • Gentle curve towards back helps keep food on the plate
      • Lower front and sides allows easy access for food with silverware
      • Non-slip base keeps the plate still
      • Colourful splat focuses the eye on to the centre of the plate
      • Biodegradable properties
      • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
      • BPA and Phthalates free
      • Multiple award winning British design

    • Need more help choosing?
      If you’re struggling to decide which product to buy for your little one, here’s a few handy hints:
      • Your baby is 6-10 months and has never used utensils before 
        • Choose the doddl baby utensil set. This is the perfect first utensil set to introduce to your baby!
      • Your baby is 11 to 13 months, has never used utensils before, only has a small amount of coordination, is not eating particularly large meals and is not considered ‘big’ for their age 
      • Your baby is 11-13 months old, has tried a spoon and is now eating more substantial meals
        • Choose doddl Toddler utensils, this utensil set will help your little one learn to use utensils and enjoy eating their meals with confidence!
      • Your baby is 14+ months old
        • Choose doddl Toddler utensils will be the right set for your little one to help develop their skills and enjoy their mealtimes!
      • Still not sure – drop us an email or connect with us on social media @doddl and we can help you decide
      • Visit our tips section for more help and advice
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